Agilent 4396B网络分析仪


Agilent 4396B 100k-1.8G Hz Network/ Spectrum/ Impedance Analyzer 


The 4396B provides excellent RF vector network, spectrum, and optional impedance measurements. Gain, phase, group delay, distortion, spurious, CN, and noise measurements often required for evaluating components and circuits can be measured using one instrument.





AIR-1550-TWM Laser Ultrasonic Receiver

 The AIR-1550-TWM Laser Ultrasonic Receiver is intended for the measurement of high-bandwidth displacement at the surface of a work piece. The whole system incorporates a demodulator, a variable fiber splitter, a fiber laser and an measurement head with a small focal spot size. The Air-1550-TWM adaptive Laser Ultrasonic Receiver based on two-wave mixing in a photorefractive crystal. The receiver produces a time-varying analog voltage that is proportional to the instantaneous surface displacement at ultrasonic frequencies. It allows the observation of output signals in a convenient voltage range for display on an oscilloscope or for digitizing in an electrical processor.




Electrical property measurement system

This home-made system includes Keithley 6221 DC/AC Current Source, Keithley 2182A NanoVoltmeter, SRS SIM910 JFET Preamp and SR830 DSP Lock-in Amplifier. It can be applied in the measurement of electrical properties and thermal transport properties, as well as signal process and analysis.



WL-2042 ultrasonic wave bonding machine

This instrument can be utilized in the wire-bonding of 30 μm aluminum silk to micro-scale pads by means of ultrasonic wave bonding. It can be applied in the measurement of electrical properties and acoustic-surface-wave devices.