HORIBA iHR320 Imaging Spectrometer



The iHR320 provides a platform for spectroscopic measurements for years to come. The design of the spectrometer itself and its accompanying accessories and software enables users to customize the iHR for any experiment. This customization starts with the choice of entrance and exit ports, the library of HORIBA Scientific gratings, and the full line of spectroscopic accessories for various measurements. SynerJY, our general purpose spectroscopy software based on Origin software, provides a platform for most measurements. Additional software possibilities are available, including our Software Development Kit and LabVIEW VIs


Optical Parametric Amplifier (TOPAS-400-WL system)


Optical parametric amplifier- TOPAS-400-WL system is a nonlinear optics device devoted for generation of a narrow bandwidth (3-10 cm-1) continuously wavelength tunable pulse when pumped by a femtosecond to picosencond pulse with bandwidth of 20-500 cm-1.SHBC- TOPAS-400-WL is pumped by a fundamental harmonic of femtosecond (picosecond) Ti:sapphire laser amplifiers and continuously covers wavelength range from 470 to 2400 nm. With optional frequency mixers this range can be extended down to 240 nm.